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Jelissa White & Manga books

YO! My name is Jelissa, an aspiring marketer for all things beautiful in the world – anime and manga. As a late 20th century otaku raised on old-school anime like DBZ, Yu-Gi-Oh, & Pokemon, it took me a while to get into manga. However, since my later high school years, I have become a devote addict with favorite genres including yaoi, horror, mystery and psychological (of which a fusion of all four would give me the biggest o*****m).

This blog is scramble of my interests, creative insight, and personal critiques. Feel free to browse!

I am a recent graduate from the University of South Florida in Spring 2017 as a major in Professional as Writing, Rhetoric & Technology. I will also be completing my Master’s in Internet Marketing at Full Sail University in May 2018. This blog is designed to showcase my interest in working  in the anime/manga industry in America.