5 Books 1 Week

For a few of my projects on manga history and culture, I almost went overboard with my purchases of research books. Within one week purchased 5 books on manga related material. From top to bottom, below I have ordered my personal favorite reads and recommendations. Click the images if you want to see their availability on Amazon.

Adult Manga
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Global Manga

Fandom Unbound


Best BL Panels & Pages (Pt. 2)

Scrounging through my old iPad and pulling out old saves. Finally it’s time to continue this segment

Eccentric Hobby (2012) ~Itsuki Makoto Part 4 Pg. 31

Eccentric Hobby Part 4 P 31
How many people are guilty of making this face mistake?  Not being able to read the mood has nothing to do with it! You just fail!

Koi Shirazu (2011) ~Kurimoto Kaoru & Sadahiro Mika Vol. 1 Ch. 1 Pg. 28

Koi Shirazu Vol. 1 Ch. 1 Pg. 28
It’s good to let your friends know about someone with a bad rep, but there is such a thing as an explicit explanation. TMI , Bro.

Genwaku no Kodou (1997) ~Yoshihara Rieko & Kada Michiru Vol. 26  Ch. 106 Pg. 41

Genwaku no Toudou V 26 CH 106 P 41
Your relationship has got to have some impressive history if you can pretty much understand the tone of someone’s “peep”

Kedamono Kareshi (2011) ~Aomoto Sari Vol. 1 Ch. 2 Pg. 4

Kedamono Kareshi V 1 CH 2 P 4
I’ve never met a seme more two-faced than that. Every time I reread this one I still chortle at this scene

Terpenoid (2011) ~Okadaya Tetuzoh Vol. 1 Ch. 1 Pg. 4

Terpenoid V 1 CH 1 P 4
Marry me . . . . your body specifically | Guy in the corner has got the right reaction

Best BL Panels & Pages (Pt. 1)

Unresponsive Web Design

A Test Website of a Made-Up Organization that turns Manga into American-Style NovelsSo I have been on a leave of absence trying to get my new website to work. Unfortunately I am still a total noob at setting things up completely from scratch and can’t seem to get my browser to  adjust different screen sizes. If you have an advise, hand it over! I could use it.

Lately I have spent my time trying to get the basic layout of this test website running. I am pretty proud of it actually! So the next milestone is trying to get my website to respond to different screen sizes. I have an idea for the mobile version,  but its all trial and error up to this point

*HAHHH* I really am a noob .  .  .

AROM Founder Page

AROM Novelties

AROM Contact Form


Neko-Kitty Kat Headphones (In Blue)

Brookstone Cat Ear Headphones BoxHer name is Himeko! She will be my Himeko! And Himeko will be mine!

When I bought this from Brookstone via ebay.com on sale for $130 – i seriously was not expecting to love them this much. I tried surprising my self by not reading to much into the extra features and I totally managed to syke myself out.

Surprise #1: Super kawaii box art. (I cannot bare to ditch the package)

Brookstone Cat Ear Headphones BoxBrookstone Cat Ear Headphones Box Model

Surprise #2: Yes, I totally forgot that
expensive headphones could come with their own safety-carrier cases.

Brookstone Cat Ear Headphones Container

Surprise #3: The glowing, oh Gawd the GLOWING!!

Surprise #4: Speaker in the ears?! How could I forget?

Surprise #5: No batteries neccessary, just a few hours to charge and in exchange for up to 5 hours of use. (Still could work on that though, and the cords are short).

Brookstone Cat Ear Headphones Accessories

Surprise #6: Lastly, the speakers are great, and even the microphone attachment isn’t bad. Just look at this audio file below. Can you tell when I am and am not using the mike.

Audacity Microphone Comparison
Audacity Microphone Comparison

When I have some more time I’ll try putting together an sweetly color coordinated outfit to model these guys myself. Until the, its smoooth listening! YATTA!!

Best BL Panels & Pages (Pt. 1)

I’ll add captions of my personal thoughts, but other that . . . you don’t need an introduction – you know what this is!!!

(Please Tell Me!)

Someone help me find this manga! I remember the art but its been a while since they've updated
Someone help me find this manga! I remember the art but its been a while since they’ve updated 

Calling (2007) ~Ootsuki Miu
Vol. 1 Ch. 3 Pg. 24

Calling V1 CH3 P24
( >_< ) I can’t function. I fell in love with the way this mangaka drew lips but this is killing me with its sweet fan service

Hana to Kurumi to Amai Seikatsu (2015) ~Ryouko
Vol. 1 Ch. 4 Pg. 1

Hana to K V1 CH4 P1
I am really learning to fall for characters with this sleek boy cut. That killer smile isn’t helping either ( >o< )

MODS (2015) ~Natsume Kazuki
Vol. 1 Ch. 3 Pg. 31

MODS V 1 CH 3 P 31
The art is rough around the edges and I dig that, but I really want to color this page, the first panel was such a great concept.

Junjou Romantica (2002) ~Nakamura Shungiku
Vol. 17 Ch. 43 Pg. 1

Junjou Romantica V 17 CH 43.1 P 1
My sweet Junjou you have done it once again . . . you have spoken to my heart when I rather blog than actually do my work.

Best BL Panels & Pages (Pt. 2)