Best BL Panels & Pages (Pt. 4)

Think I may make these posts a more regular thing since I keeping adding more images to the library

Alluring Sentiment (2003) ~Bohra Naono  Ch. 3

Alluring Sentiment Ch 3
The color, the art style, the style in general, it’s a simple and beautiful cover with the added bonus of a story I’m addicted to

23:45 Re (2016) ~Ohana Ch. 1 Pg. 8

23:45 Re Ch 1 Pg 8
DEUD! You have no idea how much I feel you

Koisuru Intelligence (2014) ~Michi Tange Ch. 3 Pg. 5

Koisuru Intelligence Ch 3 Pg 5
TRUST ME. If he had short dark hair, this would definitely be the appropriate reaction

Hidoku Shinaide (2007) ~Yonezou Nekota Vol. 6 Ch. 3

Hidoku Shinaide Vol 6 Ch 3
Sweet God, these color-coordinated babies Slay Me! Nerd Fashion At It’s BEST

Ikujinashi no Spectator (2015) ~Yamamoto Ataru Ch. 7 Pg. 18

Ikujinashi no Spectator Ch 7 Pg 18
Such a Top Beautiful Top Panel (with an appropriate reaction)! This artist really knows how to blend character and background together into a cohesive scheme.

Best BL Panels & Pages (Pt. 3)

How do I embed FB video?!

UGHHHHH!!!! IT worked before , why can’t I do it again. I wanted to make a random anime video post, but I guess I’ll have to push that back till I can figure this out.

NOT FAIR! The embed options for WordPress are so finicky so if you have any suggestions, PLEEEEEASE HELP ME!

Also, for whatever reason, I cannot but a basic plan from these guys because they require a $99 down payment not worth my time. Ugh! #FirstWorldProblemsBRO

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Portfolio Check Up

Some of the projects from junior and senior years at USF were either rush jobs or big works not graded for grammar or spelling, but content. As a result, I knew before publishing them online that I would need to take the time to edit them a bit. Since my online portfolio needed my files for another school project they all went up before I had the chance to really buckle down and fix them.

Thanks to a surprise week vacation from my class at Full Sail, I had the time to schedule fixing those problem pieces bit-by-bit. I just went through my Manga Authorship website and Market Memo. Next on the list is my Godzilla-sized work (and one of my personal favorite manga research projects), “Manga in Japan’s Cultural Affairs Policy” paper.

Of course I am working time to do this in-between class assignments so it may be a bit before I finish it all (no thanks to a particularity ballsy Internet Marketing Plan final project), but I am making the effort to get this done so  . .

Praise me! XD