Cropped Otaku Portfolio Homepage

Portfolio Check Up

Some of the projects from junior and senior years at USF were either rush jobs or big works not graded for grammar or spelling, but content. As a result, I knew before publishing them online that I would need to take the time to edit them a bit. Since my online portfolio needed my files for another school project they all went up before I had the chance to really buckle down and fix them.

Thanks to a surprise week vacation from my class at Full Sail, I had the time to schedule fixing those problem pieces bit-by-bit. I just went through my Manga Authorship website and Market Memo. Next on the list is my Godzilla-sized work (and one of my personal favorite manga research projects), “Manga in Japan’s Cultural Affairs Policy” paper.

Of course I am working time to do this in-between class assignments so it may be a bit before I finish it all (no thanks to a particularity ballsy Internet Marketing Plan final project), but I am making the effort to get this done so  . .

Praise me! XD


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