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New Apartment in Fort Myers!

I DID IT!! I signed the lease on Friday last week!

#WaitingForYouANPANMAN #moving

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The Primary Frustration:

I messaged the retailer Wednesday about the breakdown on how he was expecting the whole deposit to be paid, but by the time I got there, Thursday, I was told the lease wouldn’t be ready to sign until Monday.

After some very vocal frustrated grunts (from my mom who was with me, not actually me), they were able to send for it within the next hour. It’s a 2 and half hour drive from where I currently live. Scheduling is pretty tight, so going back on Monday after already making the trip would have been a huge blow!!

I was even able to get to see the place one last time before moving in for my dad who came with.

The Secondary Frustration:

It was decided to go ahead and make the deposit for water, electricity and wifi while we were all there. Driving around, although still taxing, was not nearly as aggravating as calling people over the phone.

More #moving crap 📦

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There a couple really cute, and super convenient consignment shops – 1 in Fort Myers & the BIGGER 1 in Cape Coral – called The Talk of the Town Consignment. The prices are beyond affordable for clothing and reasonable for some of the vintage-esque furniture finds.


Although I can’t wait to furnish the cute little place myself, I gotta keep saving as I go. I also have to watch my spending since there are several essentials I need to get together myself during my first week down there before I start work (including groceries).

The move date is this Friday, so this weekend I’ll finally be able to show some actual good, work-in-progress, photos!

Wish Me Luck On My Move

Yours Truly



New Job & Relocation

Geuss What?!! Well read the title! As of last week, June 5th, I was officially employed as a new Marketing Associate at Dr. Mercola. A site sporting natural health and wellness in all aspects of life, with online shop of products ranging in every category from supplements and fermented goods, to air purifiers and clothing.

Truth is, I applied for a copywriter position originally, so landing this one is quite the pleasant surprise. This company has a lot of plans for the building in Cape Coral, where I will be working staring on July 2nd. 

I’m Super Excited!!

But since I live in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of everywhere else, in Lakeland, Florida . . . this month I am focusing on relocation and moving somewhere in Cape Coral (preferably), or still close by in Fort Myers.

When I land a place, I’ll be sure to present with photographic evidence of a fresh start!!

BTS ARMY Merchandise

I GRADUATED!! Look Forward to New Content Media Plans!

‘Sup Everyone! I have finally graduated, so that means I have time to blog again and actually make something out of this standalone site.

Jelissa White Internet Marketing Master Full Sail Graduation

I have completed classes at Full Sail with my Internet Marketing Master’s Degree and even earned 2 Course Director Awards for exemplary work in my New Media and Internet & the Law class (which honestly, was one of the hardest ones, but my super sweet professor showed up and gave me hugs after the ceremony).

Jelissa White Internet Marketing Master Full Sail Graduation with Law Professor Gregory Downey

Tha main reason why I wasn’t able to blog much was because classes were getting more & more time-consuming, I’m still applying for full-time positions and this beast featured in the video below.

This actual project is uploaded on my portfolio which I might make another post about.

Jelissa White Internet Marketing Master Full Sail Graduation

There’s a ton of boring things I can say, but if you are ever curious about how things are for an online student at Full Sail just message me here.

What I did want to share with you is all the Social Media Rebranding I’m planning to do:

1)  New SoundCloud Account: featuring spoken word raps and occasional songs

2) Instagram REBOOT: I’m uploading all my selfies as soon as I kill that stupid square framed camera! XC

3) Connecting the Blog to the Portfolio: featuring latest posts for my professional profile

4) Bringing Up the Let’s Play: Late in the Game Dream Daddy editing was too time-consuming to keep in schedule during school, so I’ll start that up again real soon

5) Personalized Artwork: I am not a digital artist! I’m just good at ordering things together, but that’s what commissions from the artists I follow on twitter are for. So all my social sites will be undergoing a personalized art budget for platform pics.

6) Coloring Animal Friends Comics: My little Shin-Chan-esque buddies are going to pop like MS Paint Show!

This is all going to take time, not to mention that once I start working full-time, this will all just be weekend planning, so please be patient with me and remember that if you have any comments, message me via email form, Facebook or Twitter Messenger.

Later Guys!!


Can you believe I still haven’t gotten my printed degree in the mail yet?


Dream Daddy Let’s Play Ep 1-2 (October’s A SNITCH!)

All this month I have been crazy busy! I mean, why can’t anyone JUST GIVE ME SECOND!

I take classes back-to-back at Full Sail online that are a month each. Sometimes they will let you have a few days break in-between because the work is accelerated but NOOOOOO.
Plus, since it’s Fall semester at my part-time tutoring job I can only do my work weekdays at home to make time for my girlfriend who deployed again last week or so.

Buuuut, good news is that I got 2 episodes of our GameGrumps’ Dream Daddy play thru out and am working on the third this week.

Am I still eating ice cream noisely? Of course.
Are we still super bad at voice acting? You know it.

Is this actually funny? . . . . .


So a close girlfriend of mine came back from deployment recently and I have officially got her hooked on Game Grump’s DreeeEEEeeeEEEEEEEAM Daddy!

I, of course, wanted to take a break after about 2 hrs, when we finally managed to get to #Dadbook. She, of course, did not register this, so 6 hours of play later we finished Craig’s route and after Zombie Fest this weekend, in the small wannabe meme town of Lakeland, we will pick our next poorly-voice-acted victim.

I recorded the screen and audio (GODSPEED THE MacBook Pro) and plan on making a YouTube account called “Late in the Game,” cause you know why, so we can enjoy this for ourselves in small (probably fluctuating between 10-20 minute) pieces. Working more on the design aspect of it this week (hopefully), if not, next week, but definitely planning to upload the first, roughly edited, ep on Thursday or Friday.

If you are indeed interested in yet another unfunny, extremely belated play thru, enjoy the link soon to be provided.

DIY Space Shoes

I know I’ve been temporarily MIA, but please don’t hate.

If it interest you, I’ve got something cool to show sooooo . . . Check out these puppies!

German Shephard Puppies
Ya, they’re not puppies anymore (my aunt, Nivia’s, guard dogs)

And when you’re done check out these puppies!!

Charolette Russe DIY patched and painted heel

Charolette Russe DIY patched and painted heel

Charolette Russe DIY patched and painted heel

Yup, can you believe what 28 patches and 1 ounce of blue paint can do to a pair of once simple gray pair of shoes. So to answer any questions, I was at least creatively productive on my brief hiatus.

I even came up with some ideas for a bomber full of Rick & Morty patches. XD

Rick and Morty Bomber DIY Patched incomplete
Rick & Morty Bomber DIY Patched (incomplete)

It’s not much but here’s a sneak peak.

How do I embed FB video?!

UGHHHHH!!!! IT worked before , why can’t I do it again. I wanted to make a random anime video post, but I guess I’ll have to push that back till I can figure this out.

NOT FAIR! The embed options for WordPress are so finicky so if you have any suggestions, PLEEEEEASE HELP ME!

Also, for whatever reason, I cannot but a basic plan from these guys because they require a $99 down payment not worth my time. Ugh! #FirstWorldProblemsBRO

K-on Laugh GIF

Neko-Kitty Kat Headphones (In Blue)

Brookstone Cat Ear Headphones BoxHer name is Himeko! She will be my Himeko! And Himeko will be mine!

When I bought this from Brookstone via on sale for $130 – i seriously was not expecting to love them this much. I tried surprising my self by not reading to much into the extra features and I totally managed to syke myself out.

Surprise #1: Super kawaii box art. (I cannot bare to ditch the package)

Brookstone Cat Ear Headphones BoxBrookstone Cat Ear Headphones Box Model

Surprise #2: Yes, I totally forgot that
expensive headphones could come with their own safety-carrier cases.

Brookstone Cat Ear Headphones Container

Surprise #3: The glowing, oh Gawd the GLOWING!!

Surprise #4: Speaker in the ears?! How could I forget?

Surprise #5: No batteries neccessary, just a few hours to charge and in exchange for up to 5 hours of use. (Still could work on that though, and the cords are short).

Brookstone Cat Ear Headphones Accessories

Surprise #6: Lastly, the speakers are great, and even the microphone attachment isn’t bad. Just look at this audio file below. Can you tell when I am and am not using the mike.

Audacity Microphone Comparison
Audacity Microphone Comparison

When I have some more time I’ll try putting together an sweetly color coordinated outfit to model these guys myself. Until the, its smoooth listening! YATTA!!