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5 Books 1 Week

For a few of my projects on manga history and culture, I almost went overboard with my purchases of research books. Within one week purchased 5 books on manga related material. From top to bottom, below I have ordered my personal favorite reads and recommendations. Click the images if you want to see their availability on Amazon.

Adult Manga
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Manga in America












Global Manga

Fandom Unbound


Mayoiga (2016) Anime Predictions

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Mayoiga (The Lost Village) Predictions

People have already said their piece about how ridiculous and worthlessly perplexing this anime was. I, myself won’t say much, but I will say this I regret recognizing the art from Another (2012), the animation. As you can see on my Predictions table, I was expecting blood, betrayal, and borderline violent stupidity. Unfortunately, I was given only one of those (take a guess). I wish I could at least appreciate the story being different from what I was hoping for, but nope, not even that is possible. The concept of a village manifesting your dark past for you to overcome is unique – somewhat played out – but unique. The problem with this story is far too many unanswered questions and of the explanations we do get, they are just to fickle and to complicated. It is not that Mayoiga is hard to understand, it’s just that it plays out the scenario of trying to open a pickle jar with Tom & Jerry-like trap.