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Best BL Panels & Pages (Pt. 5)

 Jackass, Who Said You Could Touch (2015) ~Scarlet Beriko  Ch. 2 Pg. 30

Jackass, Who Said You Could Touch CH 2 P 30
Another perfect real life yaoi reaction

110-ban Wa Uketsukemasen! Ch. 2 Pg. 5 (2011) ~Kitazawa You Ch. 1 Pg. 8

110-ban Wa Uketsukemasen! Ch. 2 Pg. 5
Another beautiful yaoi body, another typical face drool.

Boku No High Spec Kareshi-sama Ch. 2 Pg 7 (2015) ~Yotsuashi Ch. 2 Pg. 7

Boku No High Spec Kareshi-sama Ch. 2 Pg 7
Always remember that your fantasies go too far when you start using bad logic

Tadaima, Okaeri: Kagayaku Hibi (2007) ~Ichikawa ichi Ch. 2 Pg. 2

Tadaima, Okaeri: Kagayaku Hibi Ch. 2 Pg. 2
No other explanation but, sweet baby magic


Seeing this beauty freaked me out as much as the first time I saw a titan speak in the manga

Best BL Panels & Pages (Pt. 4)


Best BL Panels & Pages (Pt. 4)

Alluring Sentiment (2003) ~Bohra Naono  Ch. 3

Alluring Sentiment Ch 3
The color, the art style, the style in general, it’s a simple and beautiful cover with the added bonus of a story I’m addicted to

23:45 Re (2016) ~Ohana Ch. 1 Pg. 8

23:45 Re Ch 1 Pg 8
DEUD! You have no idea how much I feel you

Koisuru Intelligence (2014) ~Michi Tange Ch. 3 Pg. 5

Koisuru Intelligence Ch 3 Pg 5
TRUST ME. If he had short dark hair, this would definitely be the appropriate reaction

Hidoku Shinaide (2007) ~Yonezou Nekota Vol. 6 Ch. 3

Hidoku Shinaide Vol 6 Ch 3
Sweet God, these color-coordinated babies Slay Me! Nerd Fashion At It’s BEST

Ikujinashi no Spectator (2015) ~Yamamoto Ataru Ch. 7 Pg. 18

Ikujinashi no Spectator Ch 7 Pg 18
Such a Top Beautiful Top Panel (with an appropriate reaction)! This artist really knows how to blend character and background together into a cohesive scheme.

Best BL Panels & Pages (Pt. 3)

Best BL Panels & Pages (Pt. 3)

Think I may make these posts a more regular thing since I keeping adding more images to the library

Ihoujin Etrange (2003) ~Kodaka Kazuma Ch. 3

Atlantisdream Comic Art
That’s some good old white out magic

Hidamari ga Kikoeru (2013) ~Yuki Fumino Vol. 2 Ch. 5 Pg. 49

Hidamari ga Kikoeru V 2 CH 5 P 49
You know your a great mangaka if you get just as over excited as your fans

Jackass, Who Said You Could Touch (2015) ~Scarlet Beriko Ch. 3 Pg. 2

Jackass, Who Said You Could Touch CH 3 P 2
No joke this has been my wallpaper for like, ever!!

Jo Jo Underground (2013) ~Omomuki High Jump (Konbane) Story 5 Pg. 25

Jo Jo Underground Story 5 P 25
Thought I had reached my limit with Joseph in that oddly gay episode with Avdol. NOPE! hear I am reading another ridiculous dj

Totally Captivated Artbook (2011) ~Yoo ha Jin Pg. 24

Totally Captivated Artbook P 24
All these BOYZ! All these Handsome BOYZ!! F*CK ‘EM ALL MAN!!! F*CK EM ALL

Best BL Panels & Pages (Pt. 2)

Best BL Panels & Pages (Pt. 2)

Scrounging through my old iPad and pulling out old saves. Finally it’s time to continue this segment

Eccentric Hobby (2012) ~Itsuki Makoto Part 4 Pg. 31

Eccentric Hobby Part 4 P 31
How many people are guilty of making this face mistake?  Not being able to read the mood has nothing to do with it! You just fail!

Koi Shirazu (2011) ~Kurimoto Kaoru & Sadahiro Mika Vol. 1 Ch. 1 Pg. 28

Koi Shirazu Vol. 1 Ch. 1 Pg. 28
It’s good to let your friends know about someone with a bad rep, but there is such a thing as an explicit explanation. TMI , Bro.

Genwaku no Kodou (1997) ~Yoshihara Rieko & Kada Michiru Vol. 26  Ch. 106 Pg. 41

Genwaku no Toudou V 26 CH 106 P 41
Your relationship has got to have some impressive history if you can pretty much understand the tone of someone’s “peep”

Kedamono Kareshi (2011) ~Aomoto Sari Vol. 1 Ch. 2 Pg. 4

Kedamono Kareshi V 1 CH 2 P 4
I’ve never met a seme more two-faced than that. Every time I reread this one I still chortle at this scene

Terpenoid (2011) ~Okadaya Tetuzoh Vol. 1 Ch. 1 Pg. 4

Terpenoid V 1 CH 1 P 4
Marry me . . . . your body specifically | Guy in the corner has got the right reaction

Best BL Panels & Pages (Pt. 1)

Best BL Panels & Pages (Pt. 1)

I’ll add captions of my personal thoughts, but other that . . . you don’t need an introduction – you know what this is!!!

(Please Tell Me!)

Someone help me find this manga! I remember the art but its been a while since they've updated
Someone help me find this manga! I remember the art but its been a while since they’ve updated 

Calling (2007) ~Ootsuki Miu
Vol. 1 Ch. 3 Pg. 24

Calling V1 CH3 P24
( >_< ) I can’t function. I fell in love with the way this mangaka drew lips but this is killing me with its sweet fan service

Hana to Kurumi to Amai Seikatsu (2015) ~Ryouko
Vol. 1 Ch. 4 Pg. 1

Hana to K V1 CH4 P1
I am really learning to fall for characters with this sleek boy cut. That killer smile isn’t helping either ( >o< )

MODS (2015) ~Natsume Kazuki
Vol. 1 Ch. 3 Pg. 31

MODS V 1 CH 3 P 31
The art is rough around the edges and I dig that, but I really want to color this page, the first panel was such a great concept.

Junjou Romantica (2002) ~Nakamura Shungiku
Vol. 17 Ch. 43 Pg. 1

Junjou Romantica V 17 CH 43.1 P 1
My sweet Junjou you have done it once again . . . you have spoken to my heart when I rather blog than actually do my work.

Best BL Panels & Pages (Pt. 2)