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Dream Daddy Let’s Play Ep 1-2 (October’s A SNITCH!)

All this month I have been crazy busy! I mean, why can’t anyone JUST GIVE ME SECOND!

I take classes back-to-back at Full Sail online that are a month each. Sometimes they will let you have a few days break in-between because the work is accelerated but NOOOOOO.
Plus, since it’s Fall semester at my part-time tutoring job I can only do my work weekdays at home to make time for my girlfriend who deployed again last week or so.

Buuuut, good news is that I got 2 episodes of our GameGrumps’ Dream Daddy play thru out and am working on the third this week.

Am I still eating ice cream noisely? Of course.
Are we still super bad at voice acting? You know it.

Is this actually funny? . . . . .



So a close girlfriend of mine came back from deployment recently and I have officially got her hooked on Game Grump’s DreeeEEEeeeEEEEEEEAM Daddy!

I, of course, wanted to take a break after about 2 hrs, when we finally managed to get to #Dadbook. She, of course, did not register this, so 6 hours of play later we finished Craig’s route and after Zombie Fest this weekend, in the small wannabe meme town of Lakeland, we will pick our next poorly-voice-acted victim.

I recorded the screen and audio (GODSPEED THE MacBook Pro) and plan on making a YouTube account called “Late in the Game,” cause you know why, so we can enjoy this for ourselves in small (probably fluctuating between 10-20 minute) pieces. Working more on the design aspect of it this week (hopefully), if not, next week, but definitely planning to upload the first, roughly edited, ep on Thursday or Friday.

If you are indeed interested in yet another unfunny, extremely belated play thru, enjoy the link soon to be provided.

Best BL Panels & Pages (Pt. 5)

 Jackass, Who Said You Could Touch (2015) ~Scarlet Beriko  Ch. 2 Pg. 30

Jackass, Who Said You Could Touch CH 2 P 30
Another perfect real life yaoi reaction

110-ban Wa Uketsukemasen! Ch. 2 Pg. 5 (2011) ~Kitazawa You Ch. 1 Pg. 8

110-ban Wa Uketsukemasen! Ch. 2 Pg. 5
Another beautiful yaoi body, another typical face drool.

Boku No High Spec Kareshi-sama Ch. 2 Pg 7 (2015) ~Yotsuashi Ch. 2 Pg. 7

Boku No High Spec Kareshi-sama Ch. 2 Pg 7
Always remember that your fantasies go too far when you start using bad logic

Tadaima, Okaeri: Kagayaku Hibi (2007) ~Ichikawa ichi Ch. 2 Pg. 2

Tadaima, Okaeri: Kagayaku Hibi Ch. 2 Pg. 2
No other explanation but, sweet baby magic

Bijutsu Shitsu no Akumu (???) ~Kirima Moccori

Seeing this beauty freaked me out as much as the first time I saw a titan speak in the manga

Best BL Panels & Pages (Pt. 4)

Best BL Panels & Pages (Pt. 4)

Alluring Sentiment (2003) ~Bohra Naono  Ch. 3

Alluring Sentiment Ch 3
The color, the art style, the style in general, it’s a simple and beautiful cover with the added bonus of a story I’m addicted to

23:45 Re (2016) ~Ohana Ch. 1 Pg. 8

23:45 Re Ch 1 Pg 8
DEUD! You have no idea how much I feel you

Koisuru Intelligence (2014) ~Michi Tange Ch. 3 Pg. 5

Koisuru Intelligence Ch 3 Pg 5
TRUST ME. If he had short dark hair, this would definitely be the appropriate reaction

Hidoku Shinaide (2007) ~Yonezou Nekota Vol. 6 Ch. 3

Hidoku Shinaide Vol 6 Ch 3
Sweet God, these color-coordinated babies Slay Me! Nerd Fashion At It’s BEST

Ikujinashi no Spectator (2015) ~Yamamoto Ataru Ch. 7 Pg. 18

Ikujinashi no Spectator Ch 7 Pg 18
Such a Top Beautiful Top Panel (with an appropriate reaction)! This artist really knows how to blend character and background together into a cohesive scheme.

Best BL Panels & Pages (Pt. 3)

Best BL Panels & Pages (Pt. 3)

Think I may make these posts a more regular thing since I keeping adding more images to the library

Ihoujin Etrange (2003) ~Kodaka Kazuma Ch. 3

Atlantisdream Comic Art
That’s some good old white out magic

Hidamari ga Kikoeru (2013) ~Yuki Fumino Vol. 2 Ch. 5 Pg. 49

Hidamari ga Kikoeru V 2 CH 5 P 49
You know your a great mangaka if you get just as over excited as your fans

Jackass, Who Said You Could Touch (2015) ~Scarlet Beriko Ch. 3 Pg. 2

Jackass, Who Said You Could Touch CH 3 P 2
No joke this has been my wallpaper for like, ever!!

Jo Jo Underground (2013) ~Omomuki High Jump (Konbane) Story 5 Pg. 25

Jo Jo Underground Story 5 P 25
Thought I had reached my limit with Joseph in that oddly gay episode with Avdol. NOPE! Here I am reading another ridiculous dj

Totally Captivated Artbook (2011) ~Yoo ha Jin Pg. 24

Totally Captivated Artbook P 24
All these BOYZ! All these Handsome BOYZ!! F*CK ‘EM ALL MAN!!! F*CK EM ALL

Best BL Panels & Pages (Pt. 2)

Best BL Panels & Pages (Pt. 2)

Scrounging through my old iPad and pulling out old saves. Finally it’s time to continue this segment

Eccentric Hobby (2012) ~Itsuki Makoto Part 4 Pg. 31

Eccentric Hobby Part 4 P 31
How many people are guilty of making this face mistake?  Not being able to read the mood has nothing to do with it! You just fail!

Koi Shirazu (2011) ~Kurimoto Kaoru & Sadahiro Mika Vol. 1 Ch. 1 Pg. 28

Koi Shirazu Vol. 1 Ch. 1 Pg. 28
It’s good to let your friends know about someone with a bad rep, but there is such a thing as an explicit explanation. TMI , Bro.

Genwaku no Kodou (1997) ~Yoshihara Rieko & Kada Michiru Vol. 26  Ch. 106 Pg. 41

Genwaku no Toudou V 26 CH 106 P 41
Your relationship has got to have some impressive history if you can pretty much understand the tone of someone’s “peep”

Kedamono Kareshi (2011) ~Aomoto Sari Vol. 1 Ch. 2 Pg. 4

Kedamono Kareshi V 1 CH 2 P 4
I’ve never met a seme more two-faced than that. Every time I reread this one I still chortle at this scene

Terpenoid (2011) ~Okadaya Tetuzoh Vol. 1 Ch. 1 Pg. 4

Terpenoid V 1 CH 1 P 4
Marry me . . . . your body specifically | Guy in the corner has got the right reaction

Best BL Panels & Pages (Pt. 1)

Best BL Panels & Pages (Pt. 1)

I’ll add captions of my personal thoughts, but other that . . . you don’t need an introduction – you know what this is!!!

(Please Tell Me!)

Someone help me find this manga! I remember the art but its been a while since they've updated
Someone help me find this manga! I remember the art but its been a while since they’ve updated 

Calling (2007) ~Ootsuki Miu
Vol. 1 Ch. 3 Pg. 24

Calling V1 CH3 P24
( >_< ) I can’t function. I fell in love with the way this mangaka drew lips but this is killing me with its sweet fan service

Hana to Kurumi to Amai Seikatsu (2015) ~Ryouko
Vol. 1 Ch. 4 Pg. 1

Hana to K V1 CH4 P1
I am really learning to fall for characters with this sleek boy cut. That killer smile isn’t helping either ( >o< )

MODS (2015) ~Natsume Kazuki
Vol. 1 Ch. 3 Pg. 31

MODS V 1 CH 3 P 31
The art is rough around the edges and I dig that, but I really want to color this page, the first panel was such a great concept.

Junjou Romantica (2002) ~Nakamura Shungiku
Vol. 17 Ch. 43 Pg. 1

Junjou Romantica V 17 CH 43.1 P 1
My sweet Junjou you have done it once again . . . you have spoken to my heart when I rather blog than actually do my work.

Best BL Panels & Pages (Pt. 2)