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5 Books 1 Week

For a few of my projects on manga history and culture, I almost went overboard with my purchases of research books. Within one week purchased 5 books on manga related material. From top to bottom, below I have ordered my personal favorite reads and recommendations. Click the images if you want to see their availability on Amazon.

Adult Manga
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Manga in America












Global Manga

Fandom Unbound


Unresponsive Web Design

A Test Website of a Made-Up Organization that turns Manga into American-Style NovelsSo I have been on a leave of absence trying to get my new website to work. Unfortunately I am still a total noob at setting things up completely from scratch and can’t seem to get my browser to  adjust different screen sizes. If you have an advise, hand it over! I could use it.

Lately I have spent my time trying to get the basic layout of this test website running. I am pretty proud of it actually! So the next milestone is trying to get my website to respond to different screen sizes. I have an idea for the mobile version,  but its all trial and error up to this point

*HAHHH* I really am a noob .  .  .

AROM Founder Page

AROM Novelties

AROM Contact Form


My Top Manga

If you pledge to be an Otaku, you got to have favorites outside of the mainstream to right? I seriously suggest you check these out (Mangareader is best resource)! Once in a while I’ll go into more detail about my favorites (both story by story & by genre). For now, I’m just putting this image as a quick reference back to my main tastes.

Top Non-Mainstream Manga

Manga Authorship Wixsite

Below is the image and link to the digital component of my Advanced Composition class.

Purpose:  The purpose of this website is to explore the issues mangaka experience with their publishers and editors to deconstruct what exactly manga authorship means.

Date: March 25, 2016

Manga Authorship Website

My main source was Sharon Kinsella’s Adult Manga: Culture & Power In Contemporary Japanese Society. I summarize a lot of her points, re-organize them in my own way and add in my 2¢ every once in while.

Managing this  project was a ton of fun for me and I got to find out a lot about the manga industry from the 1990s to the early 2000s. Since manga authorship can be greatly entangled with manga editorship, I hope to make another website focusing more on the amount/percentage of work editors devote to a manga.

In Oral Truth: Manga Ethics & Censorship

It has been a while since really tapped into Windows MovieMaker . . . and man is the thing full of glitches. Its high-time I upgrade to a better video-editing program thanks to all the audio cuts i just could not get rid of (Thanks MM for the hours of literal angry vein popping).

Anywho~ the following video is something I organized for a class Project in Advanced Composition.

Purpose: To discuss the history manga censorship in Japan, what content some American audiences would prefer to have censored and the impact of the United Nations ban of child pornographic content on the manga community.

Date: April 8, 2016