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Otaku Ramblings July Highlights

When I think have to go through my Otaku Ramblings podcast to see what alll I published within a full month, it’s taxing. When I start listening to each track, FANTASTIC!!

I’m a virgin (wonder why) but even I can’t stand this pure boy’s shit

That’s right, if you read the tags I’m SINGING TO YAOI TONIGHT

Have you seen this? Have your heard about this?
Cause it’s hella weird!

Aside from the obvious aggression, I have never seen a yaoi so focused on food in my life

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Otaku Ramblings June Highlights

I did it! My Otaku Ramblings podcast is up and running and if you don’t know what that is visit this post for details.  But for now, stay here and enjoy a few, of my greatest and latest, mostly yaoi-related, mini recordings

God . . this is from . . some manhwa – I guess . . . .
FUNK I really don’t remember

With a title like Cosmic Boy of course this shit sounds stupid

Harada-sensei has one hell of an imagination dude

Levi Ackerman ~Attack on Titan song parody of CardCaptors English theme song

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Otaku Ramblings

Like any proper Otaku, I am not a completely proper person.

This the tagline of my new podcast on Soundcloud, which I am in the process of working the kinks out of. Once in a while I’ll post on  a batch of highlights of the dumba** recordings I make of: my daily yaoi readings, some weird sh*t I notice in anime, my being bored clips, and so much more half-brain antics.

Recordings generally run anywhere between 15 sec to 4 minutes long (since some a random laugh tracks). They are literally a bunch of random ramblings I somehow managed to organize into actual folders.

I am using a different username for this account, HoneyBeeJazz (HBJ), since a certain pair of people who follow my social media accounts know my trademark username and may not approve of this particular content.

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Working on editing, icon designs and what-not now.
Look forward to it!