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DIY Space Shoes

I know I’ve been temporarily MIA, but please don’t hate.

If it interest you, I’ve got something cool to show sooooo . . . Check out these puppies!

German Shephard Puppies
Ya, they’re not puppies anymore (my aunt, Nivia’s, guard dogs)

And when you’re done check out these puppies!!

Charolette Russe DIY patched and painted heel

Charolette Russe DIY patched and painted heel

Charolette Russe DIY patched and painted heel

Yup, can you believe what 28 patches and 1 ounce of blue paint can do to a pair of once simple gray pair of shoes. So to answer any questions, I was at least creatively productive on my brief hiatus.

I even came up with some ideas for a bomber full of Rick & Morty patches. XD

Rick and Morty Bomber DIY Patched incomplete
Rick & Morty Bomber DIY Patched (incomplete)

It’s not much but here’s a sneak peak.


Weird Phone Videos: MLP

Although I like to show off my portfolio and professional outlook on this blog, it is a blog soooo  . . I’m adding more fun stuff. Once in a while I’d like to share some of the ultra low quality weirdness that eats up all my phone space. This includes the adorably stupid, make-me-laugh-hard-as-funk, My Little Pony tiddy bits below:

No one told Justin Bieber’s life was as a secret pony!

Narcissistic Bieber Pony

Disclaimer: The videos above are a fan-based reaction. My Little pony is owned by Hasbro Studios. Please support the official release.


My Top 10 Abridgers

Remember that this is my list starting from my lesser comedy favorites to my absolute addictions. In no way am I claiming that is the order of the best abridgers of all time ranked by their editing, acting and story quality. I’m a big fan of nonsense and slapstick-like comedy so, believe it or not, Team Four Star is closer to the top of this list and some lesser known abridgers are closer to the bottom because of my tastes. All icons linked to YouTube accounts.

Something Witty Entertainment: SAO Abridged

I’m not a fan of Sword Art Online (not much of an RPG fantasy girl), but the continuity and editing in this is too genius to overlook.



Faulerro: Nullmetal Alchemist & Danganronpa Abridged Thing

The accent does help.  Gotta love how the seriousness in the original Fullmetal Alchemist was wiped away & how Daganronpa was stuffed wth weeabo jokes.


Octopimp: 50% Off

Disregarding my absolute love for Alex himself, this show gives me all the yaoi fan fiction I could have possibly ever yearned for in Free. Here’s to hoping for the continuation o f Yaoi on Rocks


Elite 3 / 1Kids Entertainment1 Kids Entertainment (Elite3): Pokemon The ‘Bridged Series

This is a great example of a show I can watch over and over again like Shin Chan because it’s just plain stupidity. once in a while I discover  a new edit I had forgotten                                                                                                since I first watched it.

Team Four StarTeam Four Star: Dragonball Z & Hellsing Ultime Abridged

They have history with nearly every abridging fan. The only reason why they’re not in my Top 5 is because they’re so good at continuity that I remember all the jokes too well and can’t rewatch it to often.

Little Kuriboh

Little Kuriboh: Yu-Gi-Oh The Abridged Series  & Naruto Spoof

Dan Green is high on my charts not just because of the constant insults and slapstick, but also thanks to his genius song parodies I can listen to over and over.

Earl of BassingtonHA X HA ~Earl of Bassington

No, he’s not my favorite abridger, but this parody series of Hunter x Hunter is absolute gold. Killua and Gon become an absolute laugh riot fulfilling even my darkest girlish fantasies.


Shady Vox YT

Yu-Gi-Oh GX ~Shady Vox VT (Ex-Dark Side Corporated / Currently Scratch21) & Little Kuriboh

He’s sweet blue-eyed baby with an even sweeter voice. He and LK made a great team on episodes  I personally think are better than Yu-Gi-                                                                                        Oh The Abridged Series.

Throne of Cipher (Ex-Omni)Throne of Cipher (Ex-Omni) / The Win Chesters Inc:  Fate Cero, Supernatural the Abridged Animation, Omni Bleach

He’s comedy genius of both continuity & slapstick (and changing his name a lot apparently). I did order my favorites, but from best to least; his Fate Zero parody is single greatest abridged series I have ever enjoyed to the fullest. His Bleach parody is definitely older in quality, but still very stupid funny, his Supernatural The Animation parody is couple notches up from that.

Purple Eyes WTF
Purple Eyes WTF: 
Code Ment & None Piece

Words can almost not describe how perfect we are together! It’s like Shin Chan got married to Adult Swim, spat at MTV, had a baby named Game Grumps and proceeded to eat said baby. Purple eyes is beautiful in voice, balls, and dare I say looks. A true master of classic testicle-slapping, tear mass productive madness.